More Power, More Taste


Your Tap water can do so much more!

With BWT your tap water will give you a unique taste experience

By adding magnesium in exchange for unwanted substances, the mineral balance of the water is maintained.
The result is a near neutral pH-Value which connoisseurs of high quality mineral water find especially tasty and soft.

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For people with an active and vital lifestyle!

The Clever way to add to your daily magnesium requirement!

By using the BWT Magnesium Mineralizer you support your daily Magnesium requirement by as much as 20%, simply by drinking 2.7 Liter of BWT Magnesium mineralized water.


Always fresh and well balanced water is produced in no time at all!

Just fill the BWT Pitcher and enjoy mineralized tap water!
Buying, carrying and storing of water bottles, a thing of the past.

Perfect for Coffee, Tea and the daily drink of water

Magnesium is a flavor carrier

Perfectly bringing out the taste and aroma of water, coffee and tea. The result is a near neutral pH-Value, which connoisseurs of high quality mineral water find especially tasty and soft.

Available in the trendiest colors

 BWT Magnesium Mineralizer

The BWT table water filter impresses with its young, lively, sassy look. The attractive design with optimum ergonomic handling reflects the modern design schools in Scandinavia. With the new edition "Design Colors" you can choose from many different colors!

The 2.7 liter BWT table water filter is in eye-catcher in your kitchen.

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Kluge Entscheidung

Clever Decision

1 liter of magnesium mineralized water will prove much less costly than 1 liter of bottled water.

Effektiver Kalkschutz

Effective Scale Protection

Protect household appliances from lime scale deposits. Coffee machines, kettles.

Entspannt durch den Tag

Relaxed Trough the Day

Carrying and storing countless bottles is now a thing of the past!

Magnesium Mineralizer

The clever way to enjoy your tap water!

The magnesium mineralizer from BWT: with each cartridge you get approximately 40 gallons or 60 days with magnesium mineralized drinking water.
Now available in multi cartridge packs.

  • 1 Adds Magnesium

    Mineralizes drinking water with the essential mineral magnesium

  • 2 Balances pH value

    Replaces calcium- to magnesium-Ions Therefore. It ensures an almost neutral pH value. For fresh and pleasant tasting drinking water

  • 3 Reduces taste impairing substances

    Removes taste- and aroma-imparing substances like chlorine and heavy metals (e.g. lead and copper)


with your magnesium mineralized tap water

Refreshing recipe’s recipe’s with your magnesium mineralized tap water

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BWT Great Bonus Pack for starters.

BWT 2.7 Liter Penguin Water Filter Pitcher including 3 Magnesium Mineralizer cartridges.

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